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Video/Audio Courses - Fast Learning Makes Fast Money

While the written word is the perfect learning tool for many people, many people learn more by what they see and hear. This opens up a huge opportunity for the aspiring entrepreneur. There are several different ways that you can make money with video/audio courses. In the highly technical world that we live in the computer and the Internet are becoming the classrooms of the future. Many Internet marketers spend hour upon hour wearing their fingers to the bone creating written tutorials and articles to drive traffic to their sites and then sell their product.

If you learn how to make a set of video teleseminars or video tutorials, you can make money in two different ways. First you can sell the actual videos themselves, for which you will find a very good market and secondly by using them to sell products and informational items on your site. The trick is being able to create an informational training video on a topic that is something that you are knowledgeable about and that other people want to learn about.

Reseach is Vital

You need to do plenty of research to find a good niche market, like most other forms of Internet market there are plenty of niches that are popular and while there are plenty of people covering them , you need to find a new angle to work from. If your area of expertise is baking cakes, look for an angle that very few people work with such as creating custom constructed cakes such as you might see on Food Network.

The number of audio and video training courses that are currently available on the Internet would blow your mind, there are course to teach people how to do almost anything. This does not mean that you cannot make money creating your own tutorials as you most certainly can, what is does mean is that you can set up your own affiliate marketing site and use it to sell other peoples tutorials. Here you would still need to be prepared to write articles that you can submit to websites like or to direct traffic to your website.

Once there you can create short infomercials that show people what they will be getting when they buy the course. When you right the article that is designed to convince those who read it that they need the information that is in your video/audio courses, you need to give them just enough information to peak their interest. Your articles should only tell them a small amount of information not the whole story as should any front page videos you may have on your site.

Sell Your Work

You also use Clickbank to sell your video/audio courses by using sites like Squidoo and Helium to create links to your landing page which will then direct your customer to the Clickbank sales link. You will find that once you place your tutorial on Clickbank that other marketers will sell it for you as long as you make the commission percentage high enough to make it worthwhile.

Both audio and video training courses are definitely the wave of the future. As the amount of time that people have to learn a new skill or improve on one they have gets smaller in our busy world, more people are turning to these types of courses. You can create your own courses if you have the skill and the equipment or you can resell those that other have made. Using either method is a very good way to use the Internet to make money.