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Set-up a Web Shop - And Ring in the Sales

These days everyone is looking for a way to make more money and the Internet is the perfect place to earn the money you need. There are many different ways to make money online form writing articles to using EBay and making money with auctions. However, so many people try to find a way to make money online and give up when they do not succeed immediately. Selling on EBay is a good way to make money if you do not have your own store, but if you set-up a web shop of your own you have access to many more opportunities without having to pay so much of your profits out in fees.

Start Up

If you want to start a successful web shop the first thing that you need to do is do your homework, no good web shop ever got started without the owner finding the perfect niche product to sell. If you pick a product that there are already dozens of people selling, your chances of success are small, for example if you want to sell bicycles you will find thousands of web shops that sell bicycles. On the other hand if you narrow your spectrum to say children's mountain bikes you will find there is much less competition.

The lower the competition is for your particular product the faster your web store is going to attract the notice of the search engine spiders and the faster you will achieve the ranking you need to get customers to find you. You can find your niche product by using Google AdWords to research what products are being searched for the most or you can look through the various online forums where niche products are discussed to see what the latest niches are. Either way will work, however doing the keyword research usually works the best as it is more current.

Build Your Site and Get Your Products

When you are ready to set-up a web shop and have found the niche product that you wish to sell, you are going to need a supplier. Most people go with drop shipped products, this way you do not have to carry your own inventory all you have to do is set up the shop, sell the your products and then contact your drop shipping company who will ship the product to your customer.

Building web site used to require someone who knew how to work with programming to get the site designed and up and running. Today with the number of free templates and web site building programs that are simple enough for anyone to use, some drop shippers have predesigned storefronts complete with shopping carts ready to go all you have to do is pay to register your domain name and get it all set up.

Driving Traffic Your Way

Now that you have your site all set up and your products ready to sell, you need to drive traffic to your store. There are several ways to do this, the most common one is to write articles about your niche and put links in them to your web store. There are several places that allow you to publish your articles for free such as,, and helium. People search these sites for information on everything under the sun; they will find your articles and follow the links to your store. As long as your site has the right keywords the search engines will also find them and bring the traffic to your door.