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Sell Links - One Click Makes You Money

The idea of being able to make money with a web site has long been one of the driving forces for many people who create them; in fact whole sites are dedicated to nothing more than making money. At one time a web master was able to sell links on his site with impunity. These links were tied to other sites that had products to sell and they in turn either paid a percentage of the profits or a set fee per month for the privilege of placing a link on your site.

How it used to Work

The original idea was that you could add a link to the keywords on your website that would lead a visitor to another site that then sold an item or range of items based around the keyword that was linked. The higher your page ranking, the more visitors you had to your site. This in turn could make the value of having a link on you page more valuable. For example a Google rank of 9 or 10 makes link space on your site worth a lot more than if your site was rated less than 3.

This is the way it used to work and was a very popular way for webmasters to make good money, the important part was to make sure that they links you placed on your site sold items that were related to your content much in the same way you would expect to get ads from Google Adsense ads that matched your content or banners that led to online retailer with merchandise that complemented your site.

The Crackdown

In recent years Google has started to crack down on those who use paid links in their web sites, they are decreasing people's page ranking for those that use too many links. The real trick is to make sure that you are not penalized it is recommended that you have more links that lead to your site than paid links going out. There are many different places you can find companies that will help you to find reliable links such as TNX and Linkworth.

One way to keep Google happy is to use nofollow links, however there is a definitely drop in income. The good thing is that your page ranking will not be affected by the use of these links. If you want to make your site more valuable, you need to make sure that your content is SEO optimized and keep the content as fresh as possible. The only way link space on your site is going to be worth enough to make any real money with is if you have plenty of traffic that is likely to click on the links.

Making Money

Relevant links are still considered a good investment and Google still seems to be OK with them so make sure that every link you sell is relevant to your site. The number of links that you have on a page is very important and you need to make sure that you do not place too many links on any one page. Be careful that you do not use links that are look like nothing more than paid links as Google will penalize you. Sell links to authoritative sites that relate to your site.

If you are going to sell links make sure that you use the right type and place them carefully on your site so that you continue to get the rank you deserve from Google and can continue to make money. Selling links can still be a great way to make money as long as you follow the new guidelines to keep Google happy.