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Google Adsense - The Granddaddy of them All

While many people use their web site as a way to sell a product of some form to make money, there are many very successful web sites that rely only on the revenue generated by advertising. Some of these sites only use the ads to cover their basic operating costs such as server fees and software upgrades, while others use advertising such as Google Adsense to make a lot of money. As the granddaddy of all the pay per click advertisement programs Adsense is still rated as the very best on the market today.

In the Beginning

For those of us who have been around the web for a while the pop up ad and annoying flashing banners are in our minds put there to entice large numbers of people to click on them so that the web site owner gets paid. Sadly very few people bothered to click on these ads and the site owners did not make much money. A new type of advertisement system was needed that would encourage people to click on the ads so that the site owner could make money.

What you really need is advertising that matches the theme of your web site, thus if your site is based on television sets, you do not want advertisements for kitchen appliances on your site as your visitors will not be inclined to click on them and you will not make any money. On top of this you need the content of the ads to stay fresh. Finally the system you choose must be easy enough for even the least experienced web master can use it.

The Answer to the Problem

The talented software engineers at Google put their skills to work and created Adsense as the first simple to use pay per click advertising program. It is one of the easiest programs to use as all you need to do is copy and paste the appropriate Adsense code to your web site. Once in place, Google will correlate the content in your Google Ad to the content on your website. On top of this, the content will be continuously updated and rotated to keep the ads on your site fresh every time someone visits.

Every time one of your visitors click on the link on your website Google will pay you a set percentage of the money they make from the company doing the advertising. This is one of the simplest forms of making money with a web site or blog and while there is no real way to know how much your web site or blog can make, it is not uncommon for a busy web site to make a few hundred dollars a month strictly from Google Adsense.

The average percentage that Google pays out is estimated at 50% of the revenue that the ads generate, but the percentage varies with the different advertisers. Signing up is as easy as visiting the Google Adsense web site and creating a free account. Once your account you simple copy and paste the Adsense code onto your web site and start making money with the Google Adsense pay per click program.