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Drop Shipping - Their Products, Your Money

Most of us at some time or another have dreamed of working at home instead of having to go out to work every day. While you may have seen the claims that you can make millions online and seen the advertisements for books and courses that claim to show you how, beware. If they tell you that you can make a fortune overnight, it simply is not true. However, having said this, if you find the right company to work with, drop shipping- their products can be a great way to make a very good living for yourself.

Little or No Investment Required

One of the best things about drop shipping-their products is that it requires little or no cash investment on your part. To get started you really only need a computer, a connection to the Internet and a phone. You do not even need an office in your home, although you may find in time that you will want one so that you can separate your work time from the time you spend with your family. Since you may end up spending time on the phone with suppliers and customers, having a quiet area of the house will also help you to look more professional while you are on the phone.

There are dozens if not hundreds of drop shipping companies online who are looking for someone to help them sell their products. All of these companies have different merchandise for you to sell; you should never have to put up any cash for these products. If you are asked to do so, move on as the most reputable companies do not expect you to pay for anything up front,all they want you to do is create an online store to sell their products.

How it Works

Once you have done your research and have found a reliable supplier, you will need to decide how you are going to resell them. The choices are building your own web site, or using the power of EBay to reach as many customers as possible. Thousands of people log onto EBay every minute of the day looking for things to buy and if you have your own virtual store that is well stocked, you can get your share of the pie.

When you sign up with a drop shipper they will give you a list of the items they have for you to sell, the cost or wholesale price of each item, a brief description and a picture of each item so that you can post them in your online store. The best part is you can fill your online store with thousands of items without ever having to buy any of them, you do not maintain the inventory your drop shipper does. Your job is simply to create the listing, sell the product and collect the money when an item sells.

Once the sale is made, you contact your supplier and pay the wholesale price and give them the address to ship the item to. They take care of the rest including shipping it to your customer and are responsible for any damages in shipping and warranty problems that may occur. While this may seem easy, it does take a fair amount of work as you will need to be on top of your drop shipper to make sure you customers are well taken care of and leave you that all important good feedback. You should also be looking for new niche products constantly to add to your store and bring in new customers.