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Create Your Own Ebook - Write Your Way to Riches

Many people are making good money selling ebooks online these days. If you have ever thought about selling an ebook based on what you know then there are a few steps you should know that will help you create your own eBook and then market it in such a way that you will be able to make money. In order to write a successful eBook you need to have some idea of what you want to write. The first step in writing any type of book is to look at what you really know in order to be able to create an informative book that others will want to read.

Research Your Topic

One of the great things about the Internet is that there is a wealth of information available on almost anything you could possibly want to write about. Thus if you have a keen interest in a topic, but lack the detailed knowledge to write an eBook about the topic you can do all of your research online before you write the first page. You should of course, take the time to research the marketability of your topic first, if you find that the market is already saturated try changing the angle a little bit. How to bake bread might be oversaturated, but how to bake artisan bread might be just the angle you need to make a sale.

Once your topic and have done all of the research you need to be able to write you book, it is time to get started. No good author writes any kind of a book without an outline, not even a bestselling fiction author with dozens of novels to his credit. Different writers work in different ways some like to do basic outlines, while others like very detailed ones. Either way you need to take the time to write down an outline of your ebook that covers everything that you want to say in your book. With this outline you should have enough information to put your book together.

Once Your Book is Written

Now that you have your book written and ready to go the next phase is getting it marketed. Since you are working with an ebook or in the long form an electronic book, this means that the only place you are going to be marketed it is online. At this point you will need to have access to software that you can use to organize your work into the proper eBook format there are both pay ad free programs that can do this for you.

To market your eBook you will need to create a web site that covers the basics of what is in your book. The idea is to generate enough interest in the person who is visiting your web to make them want to read more. At this point you can either have your own sales page complete with a shopping cart or you can create a link to Clickbank and list your eBook there. This way not only will people be able to buy directly from you, but your eBook will be available to the millions of affiliate marketers who will place your book on their websites and sell them for a cut of the profits.

The most important part of setting out to create your own eBook for sale is to look for a niche topic that while it is part of a larger subject is one that will have very little competition so that you will sell plenty of them. Even then if you do not have a well put together sales page, you may not sell your eBook. It takes a lot of work to sell your eBook rather than a lot of money; this is what attracts many people to the concept as a way to make money without having to spend a lot of money to get started.