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Alternative to Google Adsense

While everyone agrees that Google Adsense is still the best choice in PPC thanks to the fact that of all the PPC programs Adsense pays the most and has the highest CPM rates. However, there are times when you may need an alternative to Google Adsense. For instance you may get you account banned or you may just be looking for something a little different. There are hundreds of alternatives to Adsense and while there are some to avoid, there are plenty out there that pay close to Google and have decent return rates. Here are some of the better ones for you to look at if you are looking for an alternative.

Yahoo Publisher Networks

This offering from Yahoo is the nearest competitor that Google Adsense as far as how much they pay per click. The biggest drawback is that it is only available to US citizens, other than the citizenship issue the program works much in the same way as the Google Adsense program work. Once you sign up you will be given your own link to post on your web site or blog that will allow Yahoo to place targeted advertising on your site. This will encourage people to click the links and earn you money.

Microsoft adCenter

This program is reported to still be in beta and not available everywhere in the world, however it is reported to pay very close to the same as Google. Many of the ads are generated using Microsoft's new search engine "Bing." These are the two programs that pay at or near the rates that Google Adsense pays for their CPC programs. There are so many others available some of which are decent while others should be avoided.


A relative newcomer to the field, having got its start in 2003 they now service over 2 billion ads on more than 30,000 websites and while they may not pay as much as Google Adsense they offer an easy to use platform that will allow you to earn a decent amount of money by placing their ads on your sites.


This company offers a feature that no other company seems to be able to offer. They say that if you cannot make more money using their advertisers you can go back to your old advertisers. This means that if they cannot find an advertiser to fill your banner space for the rate you want through them then you can fill the space with Google Adsense ads or anyone else you want until they can find you an advertiser at the rate you want.

Finally One You Might Want to Avoid


This is one that should probably be avoided, there selection of advertisers is poor and many of them are filled with warez and pornography. Of course if you have had your account banned from Google then you may want to consider them even though they do not pay very much and have a poor reputation.

While Google Adsense is the king of pay per click advertising they are not the only contender on the web, research anyone you are considering carefully and make sure that you go with a company that has received plenty of good reviews. There are too many companies out there to settle for anything less than a reputable company and you can still make good money with a PPC campaign.